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Understanding the relationship that a brand has with its consumers is a crucial first step for the brand's long-term success. Consumer Brand Relationships: Meaning, Measuring, Managing is an important compilation of thought-provoking ideas that enhance our understanding of this important concept. This book will make you think deeply about your brand, its consumers, and the relationship between the two.

Pankaj Aggarwal, Associate Professor of Marketing, University of Toronto Scarborough, Canada



Consumer Brand Relationships: Meaning, Measuring, Managing is a useful collection of original research for anyone interested in marketing for long term profitability.

Aaron Ahuvia, Professor of Marketing, University of Michigan-Dearborn, USA



The chapters in this book add recent perspectives and evidence on many factors that shape brand love (including the need to compensate for loneliness), and many outcomes that it determines, varying in intensity and character over time. And all of this new research gets nicely organized into an overarching framework, with detail added on how practitioners are putting the brand love construct into real-world use. Clearly a volume that must be read by everyone with any interest in this domain.

Rajeev Batra, S.S. Kresge Professor of Marketing, University of Michigan, USA
Co-author of Brand Love, in Journal of Marketing, 2012


This book, with chapters from some of the foremost practitioners and academic thinkers in the discipline, provides the reader with a variety of studies in which the construct of brand love is most often the central type of relationship. We would like to gratefully acknowledge the valuable contributions of the editors and chapter authors to increasing our knowledge of Consumer Brand Relationships.

Max Blackston and Ed Lebar, Founding Partners, Blackbar Consulting, USA



What a superb contribution to the branding literature! This book provides a great blend of content, in which essential branding principles are cleverly woven together with cutting edge research and ideas from the frontiers of branding thought.

John Cadogan, Professor of Marketing, Loughborough University, UK
Editor-in-Chief, International Marketing Revie



This is a very thoughtful collection of leading-edge articles on the research of consumer-brand relationships, approaching the topic from multiple, complementary perspectives. The insights provided by this volume, make it essential reading for both scholar and practitioners interested in understanding how customers bond with brands.

Adamantios Diamantopoulos, Professor, Chair of International Marketing, University of Vienna, Austria
Joseph A. Schumpeter Fellow, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University, USA



Big brands play a powerful role in driving consumers’ purchases and investments, and even their self-esteem and social affiliations.  They do so by eliciting powerful emotions like ‘love’ and ‘passion’ from their fans.  Consumer Brand Relationships is a timely and thoughtful compilation of studies that will help readers understand the personal engagements that consumers develop with their favorite brands.  It’s a must read for managers interested in building and managing those brands, and thereby competing more effectively in our fast-evolving, brand-driven Reputation Economy.

Charles Fombrun, Founder and Chairman of Reputation Institute, USA
Professor Emeritus of Management, Stern School of Business, NYU, USA



We surmise that consumer-brand relationships exist and have seen studies that confirm this. But Marc Fetscherin and Tobias Heilman take it a step further.  They have collected the latest and greatest research into the phenomenon of the consumer-brand relationship with valuable insights into identifying, measuring, and ultimately managing the relationship’s growth. A must read for anyone that want to better understand how we  as consumers “fall in love with brands” and what marketers should do to cultivate this relationship.

Tim Halloran, Author,  award winning book Romancing the Brand and President of Romance The Brand Group.



A fascinating, comprehensive, and up-to date account of factors determining feeling and thinking about brands.

Klaus Jonas, Professor of Social and Business Psychology, University of Zurich, Switzerland



Building brands is about building deep emotional long lasting relationships between consumers and their brands. This advanced book is much welcomed. It makes the ‘consumer brand relationships’ (CBR) field progress conceptually and methodologically with strong implications for managers.

Jean-Noël Kapferer, Author of The New Strategic Brand Management,co-author of The Luxury Strategy, Honorary editor of the Luxury Research Journal



This volume collects leading edge research from top-notch thought-leaders around the world, bringing together the latest thinking on brand relationships. As such, it should be essential on the bookshelf of any manager who wishes to help their brands reach their potential, as well as every scholar who wishes to stay at the forefront of this dynamic and exciting field.
Nick Lee, Professor of Sales and Management Science, Loughborough University, UK
Editor-in-Chief, European Journal of Marketing



The book ‘Consumer Brand Relationships: Meaning, Measuring, Managing’ provides a comprehensive overview of latest research and findings in brand relationships. This book is a must-read for CMO’s, marketing and branding managers who want to get a better understanding of establish brand relationships and how to measure and manage those.

T.C. Melewar, Professor of Marketing and Strategy, Middlesex University London, UK
Emeritus Editor, Journal of Brand Management



Fetscherin und Heilmann smartly edited the latest research in Consumer–Brand Relationships theory and practice into a great tool book: This book is a must-read for managers, academics, researchers, and students alike as it provides the why, how to measure and what to do to build strong brand relationships. Read, learn and make your relationship with consumers the best!

Daniela Ott, former COO Kering Luxury Division, France



This new book does a great job outlining the relationships that consumers have with their brands, as we try to explore where and how consumers begin to love brands, and how that love ends up translated into power for the brand.  

Graham Robertson, President and CMO, Beloved Brands, Canada



This book is a deep dive into consumer relations with their favorite brands to the extreme of assigning human love to them. Truly insightful on how subjects and objects mix, intermingle, and virtually coalesce in a process of meaning exchange.

Jean-Claude Usunier, Emeritus Professor, University of Lausanne, Switzerland



The book ‘Consumer Brand Relationships’ includes a collection of latest high quality and practical relevant research. A must reading for all researching in the area of brand relationships.

Cleopatra Veloutsou, Senior Lecturer of Marketing, University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Co-Editor in Chief, Journal of Product and Brand Management



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