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From the co-editor of the book Consumer-Brand Relationships: Theory and Practice (2012), which discussed different aspects of brand relationships, the aim of Consumer Brand Relationships: Meaning, Measuring, Managing is to advance our understanding of consumers’ relationships with brands by focusing on three key questions: first, why are brand relationships important for companies and what do they mean for companies and consumers? Second, how can companies measure these relationships and how they contribute to financial success? Finally, what can companies do to manage these relationships over time and space? Leading experts from all over the world contribute with eleven chapters to this volume. The first part of the book discusses brand trust, brand identification, brand love, brand commitment, brand defense, brand advocacy, and the brand love life cycle and brand love over time. The second part focuses on how personality and social groups affect brand relationships, including how interpersonal relationships influence brand relationships and how different consumer segments such as children and fans relate to brands. The last part of the book focuses on how to measure and manage brand relationships by introducing a new framework for consumer brand relationships. The last two chapters examine the ‘Brand Equity Relationship Assessment’ (BERA) platform and how it delivers real-time assessment of ‘brand love’ for 4,000 brands across 200 categories.


Consumer Brand Relationships: Meaning, Measuring, Managing provides academics, researchers, and students, as well as marketing and branding managers a set of insights into why, how, and what companies should do to build, measure, and manage brand relationships.


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Foreword by Ed Lebar and Max Blackstone


Notes on Contributors


Brand relationships rule, by Marc Fetscherin & Tobias Heilmann


Part I: Love and Brand Relationships

  • The role of brand love in consumer brand relationships, by Noel Albert & Dwight Merunka

  • Will you defend your loved brand? Brand defense superseding advocacy, by Mansoor Javed, Sanjit Roy, & Bano Mansoor

  • Evolution of luxury brand love intensity over time, by Gachoucha Kretz


Part II: Personality & Social Groups and Brand Relationships

  • The role of product type and personality in brand love relationships, by Ronald Voorn, Sabrina Hegner, & Ad Pruyn

  • The personality of brand lovers, by Philipp Rauschnabel, Aaron Ahuvia, Björn Ivens, & Alexander Leischnig

  • The role of brands during kids snack time, by Valérie Hémar-Nicolas, Mathilde Gollety, Coralie Damay, & Pascale Ezan

  • Characteristics of consumers’ brand relationships with hockey teams, by Samil Aledin


Part III: Measuring & Managing Brand Relationships

  • A new consumer brand relationships framework based on grounded theory, by Sreejesh S. & Subhadip Roy

  • Creating brand equity and brand relationships in the commodity market, by Antônio Santos Jr., Cid Gonçalves Filho, Euler Alves Brandão, & Gustavo Quiroga Souki

  • Discovering and sustaining the brand-bond, by Ryan Barker & Jeffrey Peacock

  • Measuring and managing brand love: The BERA platform, by Ryan Barker & Jeffrey Peacock




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