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CEO Branding advances our understanding of the importance and impact that CEOs have on companies. In recent years, there has been a growing body of interdisciplinary literature on this powerful aspect of branding, and editor Fetscherin has invited a leading panel of international scholars and practitioners to contribute original chapters in their area of expertise.


The book introduces the concept of the CEO as a brand, and outlines the “4Ps” of this branding mix – the CEO (person), personality, prestige (reputation), and performance. It discusses the CEO branding process, and demonstrates the many ways in which this ‘human brand’ affects the company in financial terms (such as performance, profit, and stock returns), as well as non-financial terms (reputation, trust, and firm strategy). The book also includes ‘lessons learned’ and many examples that illustrate how companies can measure and manage the CEO brand.


This comprehensive, authoritative volume will give students, researchers, as well as marketing and communication managers and specifically CEO’s a thorough understanding of all aspects of the CEO brand. A must read for any CEO who is serious about developing, managing and measuring their own. 






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Notes on contributors

Foreword by Suzanne Bates

Foreward by Leslie Gaines-Ross


The 4P's of CEO branding, by Marc Fetscherin


Part I CEO Branding Process

  • The Power and Purpose of a CEO Brand

  • CEO Brand Development: The Role of Executive Legacy Motivation

  • CEO Branding: How Perception Defines Reality

  • CEO Brand “Disaster Avoidance Kit”


Part II CEO Reputation and Firm Performance and Reputation

  • The Causes and Relations of Corporate and CEO Reputation

  • How does CEO Reputation Matter? Impact of CEO Reputation on Corporate Reputation

  • CEO RepTrak®: Assessing the Reputations of Top Corporate Executives


Part III CEO Personality and Firm Performance and Reputation

  • Do Personal Traits Matter? CEO’s and Directors’ Risk Taking and Firm Environmental Performance

  • Competent or Ethical? – Impact of CEO Characteristics on Corporate Reputation

  • CEO Championing of Pricing and Firm Performance in Industrial Firms

  • Sharing the Throne: Co-CEO and Co-Chairman Leadership Structure and Firm Performance


Part IV The CEO (Person) and Firm Performance and Reputation

  • CEO Facial Appearance and Firm Performance

  • The Emergence of the Social CEO

  • CEO Turnover and Firm Performance

  • CEO Networks and the M&A Market





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