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The book provides a valuable contribution to our understanding and practice of CEO branding. Its structure consists of neat "packets,” i.e., chapters written by experts who have demonstrated in their own work how to concisely deliver a potentially complex message, such as the CEO as a brand. Using this format, Marc Fetscherin has made this book into a valuable tool for retaining the gems within so they don't get lost, missed or forgotten in our minds.

Suzanne Bates, an executive coach, former award-winning television news anchor and CEO of Bates Communications, USA

Author of the best-selling books Speak Like a CEO, Motivate Like a CEO, and Discover Your CEO Brand


Fetscherin once again brings up an innovative and provocative book, as he did before in his previous works. Readers will find the same methodological rigor combined with a multidisciplinary approach. It provides the basis for new relevant discussions in the field, leading for reflections about some unexplored dimensions regarding the role of CEOs in contemporary organizations. A mandatory reading for managers, and administrative behavior researchers.

Euler Alves Brandão, President and CEO, Stetik Group, Brazil


CEO Branding: Theory and Practice is THE definitive book on CEO branding. The world’s leading experts on CEO reputation and image share their knowledge. A must read for all CEOs, aspiring executives, and scholars interested in understanding how CEOs build their brands and shape corporate success.

John Cadogan, Professor of Marketing, Loughborough University, UK
Editor-in-Chief, International Marketing Review


Branding, including branding of CEOs, is one of those things that almost all marketers claim to understand, yet almost none have the same definition. Marc Fetscherin’s excellent collection, and his 4P structural perspective, do much to standardize the meaning, assessment, and utility of CEO branding.

Paul Conner, CEO (Chief Emotive Officer), Emotive Analytics, USA


Professor Fetscherin has chosen to put together a much needed overview of the field such as CEO Branding.  This work adds a measure of order to a rapidly expanding subject that has been crying out for systemization and is a major contribution to the study of CEOs as a discipline capable of serious scholarship. The book CEO Branding provides a roadmap for those interested in better understanding the complex role of the CEO today and the impact of CEOs on firm performance and destiny.

Leslie Gaines-Ross, Chief Reputation Strategist at Weber Shandwick, USA

Author of the best-selling book CEO Capital: A Guide to Building CEO Reputation and Company Success


With the international talent he has attracted for the book, Marc Fetscherin has brought new insights and perceptions to the idea of CEO branding.  It should be must reading for any current or future company leader or Board member!

Michael Gleason, CEO, Consumer Brands, LLC, USA


A really excellent contribution to the CEO brand literature with cutting edge research on a highly important topic. It is a must-read for CEOs as they play a powerful role in shaping consumers’ perceptions and actions. And if CEOs really want to manage that: This is the book. It smartly shows the interaction between the CEOs’ perceptions as persons, their personalities, their reputation and their perceived performance – and the impact of that combination on consumers.

Tobias Heilmann, Ph.D. and Founder and CEO of campaignfit Ltd., Switzerland


CEO branding is becoming a necessity in today’s ‘digital age’ where companies begin to realize the importance of having their face represented on social media and engage with various stakeholders. The book ‘CEO Branding’ provides a useful and invaluable guide for CEO’s how to behave and interact with the different constituencies. It provides the essential toolkit for CEO’s wanting to leave a mark in today’s entrepreneurial environment.

Daniel Küng, CEO, Switzerland Global Enterprise, Switzerland


This is an exciting and innovative volume, full of insight from some of the world's best thinkers on CEO branding. It will be vital for anyone who has an interest in effective branding in this area, including CEOs themselves, but also consultants, educators, and scholars.

Nick Lee, Professor of Sales and Management Science, Loughborough University, UK
European Journal of Marketing


CEO Branding brings together the world’s best experts and thinkers on how to build, manage and sustain the human brands that many senior executives have become.  It’s a comprehensive and invaluable guide for anyone seeking to better understand this important business strategy.

Chris Malone, Managing Partner and Founder, Fidelum Partners, USA

Co-author of the best selling book The HUMAN Brand: How We Relate to People, Products and Companies



CEO Branding – Theory and Practice” is a must-read for CEOs, or who intend to execute this function in the future, headhunters, board members and advisors who help finding the right CEO for a particular firm, as well as researchers in general. Fetscherin outlines in a very clear manner the 4Ps of the CEO branding mix, and brings together the finest global experts on this topic by collecting insights from the CEO branding process, reputation and performance impact.

Daniela Ott, Former COO Kering Luxury Division, France



CEO Branding’ offers a comprehensive, down-to-earth approach to how CEO image and reputation can boost or damage companies. In 15 in-depth chapters, backed by strong empirical evidence and lively examples, all aspects of the CEO branding mix are examined from physical appearance to personality, prestige, and celebrity.

Jean-Claude Usunier, Emeritus Professor of Marketing, University of Lausanne, HEC, Switzerland



CEO branding is an area of increasing interest and limited knowledge. It is refreshing to see a book that is such an excellent and well documented source of information on the topic. This work adds a lot in the branding literature.

Cleopatra Veloutsou, Senior Lecturer of Marketing, University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Co-Editor in Chief, Journal of Product and Brand Management







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